You started your business because it's something you were good at.... But another month has gone by and you are wondering

…Where did all my cash go?

Finance is usually like learning a foreign language- Overwhelming and confusing. Thoughts that fog your brain daily are:

Are you missing something super important?

Am I charging the right amount?

What money should I save for tax?

Do I have enough to pay myself?

Is your brain nodding along?

If yes, keep reading.

What if...

There was a clear and understandable resource with over 16 years of combined knowledge that simplified the must-know information for start-up Entrepreneurs.

Would you finally stop having nightmares about the ATO guy knocking on your door and feel confident to start tackling your finances head-on?

Don't spend countless hours scouring YouTube and Google for the answers to only have one hundred more questions. We have got you covered my friend.

Whether you just setup your website or you’ve been hustling for years, it's time to take that next step toward a healthier and more profitable business.

Just think a week from now, you could be confidently bossing your cash around in your business bank account. Take control and be confident in whipping that bank account back into shape.

Interested? I thought so.

What will you learn?

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FHM (Frequently heard myths)

  1.  "I don't really 'do' numbers"

    If you want to be the best CEO you can be you need to look and understand the numbers. It's not grade 12, complicated maths stuff, it's business. I promise it's not that confusing.

  2.  "I don't have time to learn"

    We strictly give you what you need to know straight up. Which means we cut out all the noise and unnecessary stuff, saving you hours of googling and youtubing answers.

  1. "My Dad's old friend is an accountant and does this for me"

Did YOU even check if he/she is good? Knowledgable and suitable to your business? Just know NOBODY is going to care about your business as much as you so you need to do your research and know your numbers. The basics anyway!

In less than a week you could be like Bec (a successful startup student)...

"I feel way more confident after doing the Successful Startup course... I now understand what is expected of me as a business owner. This course breaks down so many finance concepts that I now totally understand, I didn't know I could actually understand this stuff. Amazing! Highly recommend".